Lunching with the Dead

Today was a first for me; I lunched with the dead of an old London parish, St. Alban the Martyr Holborn.

St. Alban was one of the areas they ran out of space to bury their inhabitants about 150 years ago, until space was made available for them at Brookwood Cemetery.  St. Alban was supposed to be an area of the city that Charles Dickens used as inspiration for writing Oliver Twist.

Through the lych gate this morning, the atmosphere seemed different to the other areas. Enclosed by trees but not oppressive, they lay peacefully, neatly under the fragrant, pale yellow azaleas enjoying a burst of April sunshine. Side by side, head to toe with dignity under the clear blue sky.

It is a cliche but ‘time seemed to stand still’ in this resting place and haven for wildlife.


About jaytale

My name's Jill but I'm Jack of all trades and master of none. I've been writing, mainly poetry and short pieces for a long time and decided to concentrate a little harder to see if I can master this at least. I paint both the house and pictures when inspiration strikes. I am a country bumpkin who loves to be outdoors and enjoy meeting interesting people.
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2 Responses to Lunching with the Dead

  1. SallyJ says:

    It was truly magical and the sun was an unexpected bonus

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