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Terracotta Angels and the Tree of Life

No Terracotta Army this but a host of terracotta angels ringing the red brick chapel. ‘We’re going on a mystery tour,’ my friend said as she led me through the lych-gate and along the uneven brick path up the hill. We … Continue reading

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Parent and Child for One Shot Wednesday 45

Parent and Child Everything changes; your life on temporary hold. You mark time – maintain the beat – while you protect and teach. You maintain the beat, have protected and taught, then temporary hold is released, while you race to … Continue reading

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Wildlife above and below

This morning, I had to duck and dive beneath the caterpillars strung like silent windchimes from overhanging branches. Tiny vipers wriggling on strings – always at head height – I don’t know why. Had they fallen from their leafy perches or  … Continue reading

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Mum for One Stop Poetry

You are my oldest friend, have filled my memory bank through the good times through the bad. Always there. Strong, outspoken, perhaps before your time tackling every challenge with your innate skill. I had to become a mother to really … Continue reading

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A purple cabbage moment

This morning I had a purple cabbage moment. Yes, I am mad and the daftest things amuse me. With the promise of another hot day, I took my four legged friend out early to walk through the woods. Wandering down one … Continue reading

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A poem for One Shot Wednesday 44 OSP

Which Way? Draw the string across the bow, release the arrows let them go to pierce the hearts, release the souls of marching feet. All in the name of freedom. Draw the bow across the string, touch the heart with music,   … Continue reading

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