Wildlife above and below

This morning, I had to duck and dive beneath the caterpillars strung like silent windchimes from overhanging branches. Tiny vipers wriggling on strings – always at head height – I don’t know why. Had they fallen from their leafy perches or  were they taking personal elevators down to explore wider horizons – better larders.

My eyes scanned the footpaths for waking snakes who would come out soon to bask in the sun. Not recommended for nosey hounds.  

Unwelcome Encounter
 Through sapling copse
    spring sunshine lights the way
     across composting carpet,
       where green spears puntuate the papery mould.
        Fronds, secure in winter’s withdrawal,
           uncurl, unfurl to catch the warming rays that
        also permeate to
       subterranean sleepers,
             awakening to the call.
                      Cold-blooded in their sinuous,
                           scaly sheaths,
                               they slip,
                                  and slide
                               from hibernation holes
                             and skate to basking sites.
                                   We meet.
                                     The viper rears his head –
                                            sniper in the making!
                                                I shiver
                                                    he slithers
                                                        neither knowing
                                                              who is more afraid.

(From a poetry collection: Shared Ramblings, images covering the four seasons)


About jaytale

My name's Jill but I'm Jack of all trades and master of none. I've been writing, mainly poetry and short pieces for a long time and decided to concentrate a little harder to see if I can master this at least. I paint both the house and pictures when inspiration strikes. I am a country bumpkin who loves to be outdoors and enjoy meeting interesting people.
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