Parent and Child for One Shot Wednesday 45

Parent and Child

Everything changes; your life
on temporary hold.
You mark time –
maintain the beat –
while you protect and teach.

You maintain the beat,
have protected and taught,
then temporary hold is released,
while you race to catch time.
But everything has changed.


About jaytale

My name's Jill but I'm Jack of all trades and master of none. I've been writing, mainly poetry and short pieces for a long time and decided to concentrate a little harder to see if I can master this at least. I paint both the house and pictures when inspiration strikes. I am a country bumpkin who loves to be outdoors and enjoy meeting interesting people.
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5 Responses to Parent and Child for One Shot Wednesday 45

  1. hollyheir says:

    Empty nests don’t stay empty. There are weddings, grandchildren, and it’s all a joy to do over without the responsibility and the guilt and the disappointments, only the joy! You change direction, you find yourself again. It’s wonderful and still nostalgic and a little bit sad. Loved your poem. Thanks, Gay

    • jaytale says:

      Thanks for your kind comments Gay. Sometimes though there are no weddings or grandchildren and this can make looking into the future a little harder.

  2. ayala says:

    It changes in a beautiful way….nicely done!

    • jaytale says:

      Thank you Ayala. I’m sure this style has a name but I can’t remember! One verse is supposed to be a sort of reflection of the other but with a twist.

  3. jaytale says:

    That’s a tricky one Sally when you can’t remember.

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